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Deep tissue massage deals with the deeper muscle tissue of the body. It is needed when chronic knots, also referred to as adhesions, exist deep within muscle fibers. It aims to relieve the chronic tension throughout the muscles and fibrous tissue to increase flexibility and range of motion, resulting in improved posture.

Trigger points are basically sites of dysfunction at the cellular level and generally found in tight and painful parts of the body. Firm pressure is applied to alleviate tension and tightness within the muscle fiber. It softens the connective tissue and restores mobility in the body's fascia (muscular) system. Trigger points can occur anywhere in the body, can cause tremendous pain, and at times can be debilitating.

In these deeper forms of bodywork you may run into a few contra-indications.  Remember to inform your therapist of your conditions and medications.

Benefits of a deep tissue massage:
- Relieve pain
- Drain away fatigue
- Relieve swelling
- Reduce muscle tension
- Promote flexibility
- Prevent injuries
- Improve heart rate and blood pressure
- Increase blood circulation and lymph flow


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