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Very little is known in the western world about Russian Cupping and its heritage. Russian culture believes that cold, cold air, dampness, and cold and wet areas will draw illness into your body. Thus, Russians would soak in a hot bath rather than take a shower (to heat up the body), or when suffering from a common cold or flu, drink warm or hot fluids like tea or soup. The heat which is generated by Cupping is seen as extracting the cold and dampness out of the body.

The philosophy and procedure of Russian Cupping is similar to Chinese Cupping, the only difference is movement.

Chinese cupping: the glass cups are being heated and applied along the meridian lines and stay stationary. The inside of the glass cup is heated by a candle or flame to remove the oxygen from the cup, thus creating a suction effect when placed onto the skin. The heat penetrates the treated area and draws out unwanted moisture and disperses toxins. Results are immediate and often long lasting.

Russian cupping: glass cups are being heated and moved in a circular motion on the body. The movement of the cups in circular motion over a muscle-bulk creates a friction effect which greatly assists in breaking up scar tissue and allowing the circulation to increase, which in turns eases the muscle spasm and tensions around the area. This results in immediate relief of pain.

Cupping is commonly used for the relief of muscle spasm, common colds, flu-like symptoms, coughs, bronchitis, as well as PMS (pre-menstrual symptoms).


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