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The sciatic nerve is the largest nerve in your body and can cause one massive pain in your buttocks! There may be many reasons for sciatic pain. It could be caused by some irritation in the 5 nerve points leading to the sciatic nerve, irritation or compression in the sciatic nerve itself or because of some tightening in the vicinity of the piriformis muscle. It can be a result of tension deep in the buttock muscles from sitting at a computer all day or even being pregnant.

Persons suffering from sciatica seek pain relief in different ways. Medications provide relief for some patients suffering from acute pain. In extreme cases, epidural injections and even surgery may be suggested. In addition, there are many massage techniques for both short and long term relief from sciatica pain. Massage therapy helps sciatica by relaxing muscles, improving ones' posture, and also by relieving pressures on other nerve points as well as the sciatic nerve.

Different massage techniques will be used depending on the stage of treatment and how acute the pain is. The type of massage therapy will depend on the exact cause of your sciatic pain. So, before starting any massage therapy, meet with an expert to diagnosis your condition and to advise you of possible treatments.

Massage therapy usually starts by a hands on assessment of the lower back and buttock area. The main source of pain is usually the lower back muscles. The therapist will massage the lower back muscles as well as the hip rotators to relax them and bring relief from the pain. The piriformis muscles are another area of focus, massage will start slowly along the sacrum edge. The pressure and technique is dependent on the person and the response to the massage.

People with chronic sciatica have significant, long lasting relief and healing effects from massage if performed properly and regularly. Ten minutes of deep tissue or trigger point massage on the buttocks once or twice a week helps relieve tightness in those muscles and take pressure off the sciatic nerve. Gentle vibrations on the sacrum and buttock can also be very effective.

It is important that the patient and therapist communicate openly and have a healthy relationship as the therapist will modify the massage technique depending on how the patient is responding. The patient has to be comfortable with the therapist and stay in a relaxed state of mind during the session to allow for the full benefits of the massage.

Also important to stretch the area every one to two hours to keep the sciatic muscle relaxed. To stretch, sit in a chair, sit up tall and place your left ankle on your right knee. Slowly lean forward, moving your entire spine as a unit, and hold the stretch for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Consuming large amounts of potassium rich foods such as bananas, oranges, and potatoes may also help sciatica.


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